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Benefits of Raw Feeding

With so many health conditions being present in lots of dogs, raw feeding is becoming more and more popular.

Maybe you have a dog with:-

Bad Breath or Teeth Problems

Skin Conditions including Dull Coats and Dandruff



Joint and Movement Issues

Over or Under Weight


Inconsistent Stools

Picky Eating Habits

Feeing a raw diet will improve many of these conditions.

With the right level of bone being fed, your dogs teeth and bones will become stronger, with the much needed calcium. Bones will aid natural teeth cleaning, so your dog will have pearly whites and fresher breath. Helps to prevent gum disease. Bones will also provide your dogs with mental stimulation.

Coats will improve and have a luscious shine, with reduced odour. Allergies/intolerances can be eliminated from the diet enabling your dog to live a more comfortable life, without the constant head shaking or scratching.

Less food can be fed, as your dogs will be getting all the nutrients needed, without the bulking agents.  Due to there not being any additives in the diet, your dog will use all of the food fed as energy and nutrients needed, and therefore there will be less waste (yes, less poo to pick up and less smelly wind!). Poo should be small, firm and  less odor-some too!

Raw meat is full of moisture so your dog will also become more hydrated, which you may see in a reduction in daily fluid intake.

Digestion issues will be a thing of the past.

You can maintain your dogs weight much easier, whether that is through weight gain or weight loss too. Proteins all have a variance of higher and lower fats, therefore low fat options are easier to feed for weight loss.

Your dogs health will improve, and therefore you will see your dogs have more stable energy levels (but not that short burst of energy you get with the foods full of additives). Improvement of your dogs immunity.  Mobility will increase with the lower joint inflammation, you will be happy to hear that vet visits/bills should decrease too.

Dogs really enjoy the food, which to us, is the main thing. Many dogs who turn their noses up at dry food, will absolutely demolish a bowl of tripe and some meaty chunks and bone, full of natural colour, flavour and meatiness. Raw is highly palatable, with the variety there is sure to be enough different proteins to feed your dog a varied balanced diet. Not only that but raw provides mental stimulation for your dogs, through chewing meat and bones.

Ultimately you can tailor your dogs diet to their requirements and say goodbye to processed foods, fillers, meat derivatives, hidden ingredients, additive and everything artificial.

One thing that raw feeding (speaking from personal experience), it really does bring a new type of bond between you and your dog/(s). Barney and Dexter absolutely love meal time, I love prepping and deciding what combination they will be having that day/week etc. However raw feeding doesn’t have to be a lengthy chore, and we stock many foods which are a raw ready meal, that you simply defrost and serve!