Raw brands we stock

Find out more about the brands that we proudly stock.

The Dogs Butcher (TDB)

The Dogs Butcher are based in Devon.

Using only ethically sourced quality UK meats in their chunks and minces. TDB have in house butchers, who hand cut the meat, to ensure that you have the best quality meat.

By far the widest variety of proteins, minces and chunks that we stock. From Chicken, Duck and Turkey to Horse, Goat and Veal – There really isn’t much that TDB don’t offer our doggies!

A lot of variety for 80/10/10 which are nice and chunky minces. Mixed proteins, single proteins and minces with oily fish.

DIY options are endless, and boy don’t our freezers know it, in the form of minces, chunks and whole bones.

Boneless minces are still chunky, just containing meat (no offal)

Meaty Chunks are whole, they will require cutting to an appropriate size/weight for your dog. As TDB say you can cut a chunk smaller but not bigger; which we agree is perfect for larger dogs who prefer a big chunk to help clean their teeth.

Offal available in a separate mince form, which is a mix of both 5% liver and 5% of either kidney, testicle or spleen. Easy to pop into an ice cube tray to portion out, especially if you don’t feel ready to be cutting up your own offal. Alternatively you can buy all different offal from Chicken Livers to Horse Spleen.

Whole bones suitable for all sizes of dogs, from TDB’s Duck Feet, to Goat Ribs, Neck and Spine.

Minces are packaged into plastic trays, such as those you get your own mince meat from the supermarket, the chunks (inc whole bone and offal) are currently in plastic bags. Trays can be washed out and recycled too.  Majority of items are packaged to 1kg, except for some offal and DIY items which can be either 500g or a specific number of items. Each item is listed with the relevant weight/number of items.

Simply search TDB for all the items we stock.

Manifold Valley Meats (MVM)

MVM are based in the Peak District.

With their own farmland and in house abattoir, they sure know a thing or two about raw meat. Reducing vehicle miles all their meat is either raised on their land or brought in from nearby farmers. -I can vouch personally for the quality of the meat, having ordered from their butchery side.

Mainly using Chicken, Duck, Veal, Beef, Lamb and Turkey in their minces. Goat, Rabbit and other meats occasionally make the menu too! MVM’s minces and availability change on a regular basis, simply due to what goes through the abattoir, hence we feel that their is a good selection of different options from MVM.

MVM minces are a finer mince, that are packed into long sausages weighing 454g. We find they are quick to defrost, especially when we forget to take it out the freezer 🙈.

MVM’s 80/10/10 minces are called “dinners” and are single protein. We feel they are great value for money.

There are plenty of minces with bone options, from carcass minces to mixed protein minces with bone, including fish. We love to use MVM whilst we DIY for Barney and Dexter.

Boneless minces, just containing meat (no offal)

Meaty Chunks are smaller chunks, in a cube like shape and size. They require little prep/cutting and also can be defrosted in manageable portions.

Whole bones and other treats are also available on occasion.

Simply search MVM for all the items we stock.


Wilsons are based in Scotland.

Wilsons use locally sourced ingredients to produce their two ranges of single protein meals for your dog.

Their Premium range is made to a 70/10/10/10 ratio. For those dogs who need the benefit of a little extra fibre/veg in their diet.

The core range are all single protein 80/10/10’s.

Wilsons come in 500g compostable and biodegradable trays.

Simply search Wilsons in the search bar or visit the Wilsons brand page, to find the full range.

Birmingham Raw

Birmingham Raw, based in, wait have a guess… Birmingham.

BR are our budget brand, who have become massively popular with our ever growing customers.

Birmingham raw are still a relatively new manufacturer to the market, and are still growing their range. However there are plenty of options, from Chicken Mixes, Lamb, Beef, Duck, Turkey and Tripes.

Minces are available in the 80/10/10 ratio, and for a budget brand we feel their bone content is pretty accurate.

BR also manufacture boneless minces and bones.

BR minces are packaged into 454g chubs.

Simply search BR in the search bar or visit the Birmingham Raw brand page, to find the full range.