Is there a minimum spend?
There is not a minimum spend for free delivery within our local delivery schedule.

What is the cut off for orders?
4pm of the delivery day in your area for a same day delivery. Anything after this will be delivered the following week when we are in the area or earlier with a slight surcharge, please contact us to discuss.

How much is delivery to my area? 
Delivery within our delivery schedule is free, with no minimum order value. Any orders outside of the schedule may include a delivery surcharge. Please contact us to arrange.

How do I arrange delivery? 
Please contact us with your order.

My dog has lots of allergies do you have products suitable? 
We understand that dogs may require different nutrients, we would be happy to help, please contact us to discuss your dogs requirements.

Do you supply any other animal feed? 
No, at this time we are focusing in providing dog products only.

Why are your products cheaper, does this mean you sell cheap ingredients? 
No, some of the brands we stock are VAT free and also not advertised anywhere, therefore able to cut the prices of the food.

I only have a small dog, 15kg bags maybe too big, do you do smaller bags. 
Some of the products we stock are available in 2.5kg bags. Please contact us to discuss.

Do you ship orders outside of your area? 
Yes, we can ship some of our products. Please contact us to discuss your order.

I live locally and need my delivery urgent, how can I purchase? 
We also offer collection by appointment or urgent deliveries in our area for a slight surcharge. Please contact us to arrange.

Are your products really natural?
Yes, we are proud to stock products which are 100% meat or 100% fruit and vegetable.

Why are your treats better? 
Majority of our treats are all natural. Meaning they are gluten free, wheat free, grain free low sugar, low fat, low calorie, raw hide free, palm oil free.
The treats aids digestion and gentle on dogs tums.

Can I see the ingredients? 
Yes, please contact us with your enquiry.

Are your products suitable for puppies? 
Yes, we have a huge variety of natural treats which are all suitable for puppies too.

Are your products suitable for senior or less active dogs? 
Yes, majority of our treats are suitable and we have different food varieties available. We would be happy to discuss, please send us your enquiry.

Do you sell hypoallergenic treats and food? 
Yes, we do have a variety but recommend you contact us to discuss your dogs requirements.

I would like to try a new food for my dog, do you have samples? 
Yes we have samples which can be delivered within our local area. Please contact us to arrange.

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    Please note all raw deliveries will be delivered via our cool bag exchange system. A deposit for the bags will be required. Click here to add a bag to your order.