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Split Antler



Sometimes a full Antler can be a little boring after a while of chewing.

With dogs trying to get the marrow inside. The split antlers are perfect for those situations, making the reward slightly easier, keeping your dog interested for longer. An attractive scent for the dog, but a *tip* is to soak in water to help to bring the scent back.

The Antlers are from  Scottish Highlands and European Deer. Antlers are seasonal, however there normally is good supply year round.

The Antlers are normally from natural shedding of the Antlers.

Rich in calcium and other minerals

Low fat, Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten

Does not get slimy or sticky when being chewed on

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 39.6%,  Ash 49.7%, Moisture 11.8%, Fat 0.4%.

Sizes (Weight)

Small – Minimum 30g
Medium – Minimum 51g
Large – Minimum 81g
Extra Large – Minimum 120g