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Benebone Puppy 2-Pack Maplestick/Zaggler Bacon Tiny


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Benebones are made with USA-sourced nylon and flavored with USA-sourced ingredients.

Help sooth your teething puppy with this puppy chew toy! Made in the USA with a wag-worthy bacon flavor, these chew toys are designed with a bit of softness that’s gentle on little teeth but still helps satisfy your little one’s chewing desires.

Be sure your pup has strong, healthy teeth and can handle hard chews.* Only the puppy specific Benebones are puppy safe*

Benebones are designed to last and retain flavor longer than most chew toys and can last a few weeks or more. It is recommended that you replace monthly, or sooner if wear indicates. If the product has lost more than a sugar cube’s worth of volume, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Benebone products are made in a factory where nuts and other flavors are used. Keep Benebone products away from households with allergies.


Nylon and Real Bacon.

Nylon and Real Maple Wood.

SizeSuggested Pet SizeLength x Width (inches)Weight (ounces)
SmallUnder 15kg3.0 in x 4.8 in5.4 oz
MediumUnder 30kg3.5 in x 5.7 in9.0 oz
LargeUnder 45kg3.8 in x 6.1 in10.6 oz