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TDB Boar Chunks 1KG


Only 3 left in stock


Made from locally sourced Quality British Produce. The Dog Butcher is renowned for its quality and ethical sourcing. Providing various proteins and mixes to cater for all dogs.

Large Boar chunks.

Boar meat is from an entire Male pig which has been used for breeding or is over one year old. It is usually a much leaner meat and usually darker in colour than traditional pork although it does come in from time to time quite fatty.

Traditional pork is from pigs generally around 6 months of age. TDB allow up to 20% fat on boar chunks

Water, 71.4 protein, 17.6 fat, 9.2 ash, 1 fibre, 0.8

Please note: This product is intended for working dogs.

Pet Food only, not for human consumption.