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Canine Yeast Dermatitis Test Kit


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Yeast infections and dermatitis are quite common in dogs. The main species of yeast that affects dogs is Malassezia, which can live on a healthy dog. Normally, the dog’s immune system will keep the yeast in check. However, conditions such as food allergies, immune system illness, and hormonal conditions can cause the Malassezia to multiply, leading to an infection.

Another factor that can cause yeast infections in dogs is swimming. The ears, in particular, provide a moist environment perfect for yeast growth.

It is also common to see yeast infections in dogs with food or environmental allergies. Anything that negatively impacts the skin’s defense system can make a yeast infection more likely.

The symptoms of a yeast infection may include red, irritated, itchy skin, greasy or flaky skin, odor, and brown discharge in the ears which may cause the dog to rub its face.

Yeast infections and mites can have similar symptoms, but an odor associated with a yeast infection is a good indication. If you suspect higher yeast levels due to an elimination diet, this could also be an indication that your dog is experiencing a yeast infection.

When it comes to finding out if your dog has a yeast infection, samples will be examined under a microscope using Impression Tape samples and by carrying out a smear test with your swab sample.

This test is a non-invasive tool that can be used as a process of elimination when your dog is experiencing symptoms. If your dog is showing severe symptoms, it is best to contact your vet for advice and treatment options. You can share the results from this test with your vet who can then determine the best treatment options for your dog. Your vet may also want to carry out additional testing to identify the root cause if an underlying condition is suspected.

We also highly recommend Ingenious Probiotics’ products for yeast, as this will encourage good bacteria in the area required which will help to control yeast outbreaks.

What is included in my Kit?

Instructions for use.

1 x Hygiene Swab.

4 x impression tape swabs.

All Feclab kits contain instructions and free 1st class return postage, which can be popped in to a standard letter box.

Results will be emailed to you within 2 – 3 days of us receiving your sample.


Instructions for use

Swab Sample:

1. Using the swab provided, wipe the swab end around all the areas of concern.

2. Once taken, place the swab back in the tube and do the lid up (making sure it is tight).

3. Write your dogs’ name on the tube

4. Place your swab tube in the bubble wrap bag provided

Impression Tape:

Your kit contains 4 Tape Impressions.

1. Peel back the paper side, trying not to touch the sticky side of the tape.

2. On the area of concern, clear as much hair as possible and place the tape on to the area. Rub this with your finger so that it is pressed against the skin.

3. With your finger, rub over the top of the tape to ensure all of the tape touches the area of concern. Do this for each impression.

4. Once done, fold the impression tape in half, so that it sticks to itself.

5. Place your impression samples in to the small zip bag and seal.

Finally: Place your Impression samples, your swab sample and this leaflet into the pre-paid returns envelope and pop this in a standard letter box.