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Chuckit! Ultra Bumper Tug 1pc


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Introducing the Chuckit!® Ultra Bumper Tug Dog Toy, designed to make fetch and tug-of-war activities more enjoyable for your furry friend.

Crafted from the same durable materials as Chuckit!’s popular Ultra Ball®, this toy offers versatile play options.

To play fetch, simply wrap the rope around the bumper and secure it in the storage slot, then throw it for your dog to retrieve.

For tug-of-war, unwrap the rope, choose an end, and get the game going. Regardless of the game your dog chooses, the Ultra Bumper Tug is built to withstand vigorous play.

With its durable construction, this toy outperforms ordinary dog toys, providing endless entertainment for your pet. Upgrade your playtime with the Chuckit!® Ultra Bumper Tug