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Cool Bag Deposit




We have changed all raw deliveries to a cool bag swap system. As we hand deliver to the door, we are in a position to offer a bag swap service. Where by frozen items will be delivered within one of our cool bags and then bag(s) will be exchanged during all future deliveries. If you aren’t going to be home for delivery, just leave the bag somewhere safe for us to collect.

Thus saving items being packaged into single use items/ plastics/ polystyrene bags etc.

This will attract a refundable deposit of £10 per bag. Which given we don’t chargea high premium for deliveries, will save you a fortune over time – courier deliveries are roughly £9 per delivery, for some of our customers this would equate to £45 a month just for delivery alone eeek. 

The bags we have sourced are sturdy and will hold around 15kg of TDB, so for most of our deliveries one bag will suffice.

The bag will still remain Btb Dog Supplies property, and should you wish to return the bag, the £10 will be refunded to you. A collection charge will be deducted from the refund for all bag returns where Btb Dog Supplies arrange to collect the bag, without a delivery which is over the free delivery threshold. Bags can also be returned to the shop, during opening times.

General wear and tear throughout the lifetime of the bag will be maintained/replaced by Btb Dog Supplies. Any significant damages caused by customers such as dogs eating the bag or returned in an unkempt condition, the cost to replace may be passed to the customer.