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Earth Rated Poo Bag Dispenser with 15 bags – Lavender Scented


Only 2 left in stock


This dispenser is designed to be sturdy enough to withstand wear and attaches to any style leash.

The patented design includes double interior pins and a cap locking mechanism will keep your poop bag locked and loaded for seamless bag dispensing every time.

In addition there is a convenient hook on the back is designed to hold used bags for you until you reach a garbage bin.

Includes 15 lavender leak-proof bags (15 microns thick) so you don’t get caught empty-handed!

  • Attaches to any style leash
  • Durable patented design
  • Convenient hook holds used bags
  • Locking mechanism safely secures cap
  • Pairs perfectly with Earth Rated refill rolls
  • Inner pins secure the roll
  • Includes 15 Lavender Bags