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EVAA+ Probiotic Green Interior Cleaner – 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle


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Eco-Friendly, Pet Safe & Non-Irritating with a Longer Lasting Clean

EVAA+ Green Interior Cleaner a is a ready-to-use, probiotic multi-purpose cleaner for all hard surfaces around your home. It’s suitable for all water-resistant materials including your kitchen counters, chairs, tiles, windows, mirrors, marble and stone.

This spray is 99% natural and healthier and safer than chemical cleaners. It does not contain carcinogens, toxins, parabens or aluminium. This makes it safer and healthier than chemical cleaners for you, your pets and your indoor environment. You can use this spray to safely and efficiently clean hard surfaces around your home.

  • Deeply removes organic dirt.
  • Decomposes organic waste that causes odours.
  • 99% natural and certified ingredients.
  • Not harmful or irritating during use – safe for your lungs too
  • No dyes.
  • Pet safe.

This probiotic multi-purpose cleaner is a sustainable bio-detergent with added ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics), sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics increase hygiene and thoroughness because they clean more than visible dirt.  They work at a microbial level and can reach into those inaccessible nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria collect.

They remove dirt, grease, ‘bad’ bacteria and bio-allergens (dust mite faeces, pet dander, pollen). This can help create an indoor environment that reduces skin and respiratory allergy symptoms.

The helpful probiotics also actively eliminate the sources of unpleasant odours. This reduces the need for chemical fragrances to mask smells.

Benefits the Environment – Indoors and Outdoor

This probiotic multi-purpose cleaner does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that evaporate and pollute your indoor air. It is also sustainable, kind to the environment and respectful of the circular economy. We call it ‘eco-positive’ – because unlike chemical cleaners the added probiotics benefit rather than harm the environment.

The packaging is made using ocean recovered plastics and is fully recyclable. The contents are quickly biodegradable and waste water is chemical-free. When discarded down the drain the probiotics continues to clean pipes and wastewater, which reduces rather than adds to the environmental burden.

Unlike chemicals, probiotics stay on the surface and continue working for up to 3 days after application – so results are longer lasting. Regular use restores ecological balance (the microbiome) to hard surfaces, which fosters a healthier indoor environment.

They also – unlike chemical cleaners – work in a safe, mechanical way that does not cause antimicrobial resistance. This helps to protect the effectiveness of antibiotics.


Shake the probiotic multi-purpose cleaner bottle before use. Spray lightly onto the surface and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth. If you prefer a concentrated cleaner, use EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate for an even more eco-friendly and economical option.


  • Water (> 30 %)
  • Microorganisms (< 5 %)
  • Eco-certified surfactants (< 1.5 %)
  • Natural orange & pomegranate aroma (< 1 %)