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Hackney Dog House – Pumpkin & Probiotics Powder 225g


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We are thrilled to offer you this exceptional blend of pre and probiotics for dogs that will truly support your furry friend’s digestion and gut health. Providing the best possible nourishment for your dog.

One of the key features of this blend is the addition of pumpkin, a natural prebiotic fiber. Not only is pumpkin delicious, but it also plays a vital role in preparing your dog’s gut to be more receptive to healthy bacteria. By incorporating pumpkin into this blend, creates a powerful combination of pre and probiotics that will work together to optimise your dog’s gut health.

This product is packed with gut-loving probiotics, with each scoop containing millions of live cultures. These live cultures are essential for supporting your dog’s digestive wellbeing and can even provide relief for dogs with bothersome itchy skin.

Preparing HDH Pumpkin & Probiotics blend is a breeze, as it can be easily sprinkled dry over your dog’s food for a tasty garnish or mixed with water to create a delectable purée. You can also use it for enrichment activities, providing your pup with mental stimulation while also promoting a healthy gut.

In addition to aiding digestion, it is specifically designed to provide support for dogs experiencing diarrhea and itching. The high fiber content helps to regulate bowel movements and contributes to overall digestive health, making it especially important during allergy season.

Made with the highest quality ingredients – just four simple ingredients. All of  blends are carefully crafted in the UK, ensuring the utmost quality and freshness.

We are confident that pre and probiotic blend, enriched with the goodness of pumpkin, will be a game changer for your dog’s digestive health. Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your furry friend’s wellbeing.


Pumpkin pulp powder, Lactose, Acacia Gum, EU approved probiotic Bacillus Subtillis.

Feeding Guide 

1-22kg 1tsp per day

23kg+ 1.5 tsp per day