Leucilin Antiseptic


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Leucillin, the most powerful, non-toxic, non-irritant antiseptic available

We can vouch for this product working miricles on Barney’s legs previously. His legs were scabby, he started loosing hair and was nibbling his legs so much. We used this for 3 days and it stopped, his legs were noticibly better and the scabs were healing.

The formula kills 99.99999% of bacteria, virus and fungal spores.

Whilst being a strong working formula, this solution is gentle on your pets skin and is safe for all animals.

Non toxic, non stinging, ph neutral.

Can be used on eyes, ears and sensitive skin – it is also safe to be licked (no collars of shame required)

The solution works with your pets own immune system

To use the solution you can purchase in either a dropper bottle (suitable for eyes and smaller direct contact areas) or in a spray bottle. It is recommended to use 3 times per day but you can apply more often if required, as there is noo overdose limit. The solution will need to dry naturally.