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Life of Riley – Christmas Advent Calendar


In stock


These Dogvent Calendars are 100% plastic-free and are free standing so can stand pride of place next to the Hooman ones so no one feels left out!

LOR  have included their most popular treats and as with everything they are made with only high quality natural grain free ingredients, including gram flour, organic coconut, our homemade peanut butter, beetroot, spirulina, mint, parsley, turmeric, chia seeds, carob, black pepper, valerian, passion flower, chamomile, and fennel, depending on the flavour behind the door!

Each calendar measures 19.4cm x 19.2cm x 7.2cm and contains 24 treats!

Nutritionist approved recipes are designed with sensitive tummies in mind while ensuring they’re irresistibly tasty and free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

These calendars come with an optional chimney. Assembling the chimney is easy but not mandatory 🙂