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M&M Neoprene Padded Nylon Clasp Dog Collar – Orange


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The Ultimate in Comfort & Style. Sporty dog collar made from durable nylon, with soft, polyester-covered neoprene padding.

Offers top comfort and an optimal fit. Fully adjustable collar with click fastening.

The super tough nylon material is padded with soft neoprene for extra comfort. This stitched, UV-resistant neoprene padding is very gentle on your dog’s skin and coat, completely covering the inside of the collar to prevent chafing or damage to the skin.

  • Padded and comfortable neoprene inside collar
  • Adjustable
  • Soft nylon
  • Comfort and form fitting

Sizes  cm                inches
XXS 15mm x 25-30cm    10-12″
XS 15mm x 30-35cm    12-14″
S 20mm x 35-40cm    14-16″
M 25mm x 40-45cm    16-18″
L 25mm x 45-50cm    18-20″
XL 25mm x 50-55cm    20-22″