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Moulting Comb


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Two lengths of teeth to help reach the undercoat, to help with de-shedding.

The comfortable rubber handle means that your hands don’t ache or feel over worked.

The “rake” teeth are metal and some of the best we have come across. From buying multiple brushes and combs before which become brittle and snap, leaving the teeth in the dogs coat. I feel this brush will last a while and is really good value for money. Not only that but the hair is a lot easier to remove, you haven’t got to worry about bending or snapping the teeth off when removing the hair. It just comes off the brush in a nice clump.

You can use this brush to detangle, prevent knots and shed the coat.

This product is suitable for the following coats

Silky Coat – Cocker Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Setter etc

Long Hair Coat – Boarder Collie, Maltese and LH German Sheppard etc

Wiry – West Highland, White Boarder Terrier, Wire Hair Pointer etc

Curly/Wavy – Poodle, Bichon, Irish Water Spaniel etc