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Mr Slobberchops – Don’t Bug Me Now Spot On 6ml


Sold Out

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Mr Slobberchops are a UK based company, providing natural alternatives to keeping Fleas and Ticks away from our dogs; meaning we can ditch the chemicals and still be assured our dogs are protected.

We always recommend using a layered approach when it comes to Flea and Tick prevention, so we would advise to use atleast two of the available natural options.

This Spot-on is a gentle yet effective mix of pure essential oils and is part of our multi-layered approach as part of preventative measure for fleas and ticks. Vet Approved

Ingredients Oils of: A blend of Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Neem, lemongrass and Almond Oil

The spot-on can be use alongside the Mr Slobberchops Collars for those tick magnets!

Lasts large dog 3 months


upto 6kg 2 to 3 drops weekly

6 to 12kg 3 to 5 drops weekly

12 to 16kg 4 to 6 drops weekly

16 to 25kg 6 to 8 drops weekly

25kg plus 8 to 10 drops weekly

*Re-apply after swimming*

Avoid use on pregnant, lactating bitches and puppies under 12 weeks. Keep out of reach of children. Always patch test before use applying just one drop and leaving 24 hours before adding in normal dosage. Do not swallow or apply to broken skin. Avoid eyes. Any adverse reaction, discontinue use.