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MVM Meaty Dinner 80/10/10 454g


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With years of experience in the Butchery industry Manifold Valley Meats, ventured into the Pet Industry. Bringing their passion and wealth of knowledge MVM have developed a huge variety of proteins.

All the pet food products are made using human-grade meats (meat which is fit for, but not intended for, human consumption). Meats from their own abattoir.

MVM “Dinners” are made to a 80/10/10 ratio, and will be a perfect ready balanced meal to your dogs raw diet. – Just defrost, portion and serve!

80% Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Offal (5% being liver)

Meaty Dinner

Not suitable for dogs with any known allergies. This mix will contain a variety of  meats from the whole MVM range, therefore the mince may contain shot or tripe.

A great way to include a variety of proteins into your dogs diet. Also available as a boneless and a mince with bone!


Please note: This product is intended for working dogs.

Pet Food only, not for human consumption.