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Oh So Precious – Paw Print Clay Moulding Kit and Photo Frame


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This beautifully crafted framed clay paw print kit is designed to, help you capture and showcase cherished moments with your furry friends.

Whether it’s their adoption day, their joyous homecoming, or the bittersweet farewell at the end of their journey, this kit is a perfect way to immortalize these precious memories.

Easy to use in the comfort of your own home, this clay paw print kit is a wonderful activity for the whole family to partake in.

Let everyone contribute and create a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.

The kit features a 3 aperture mount, with a spacious opening to accommodate the clay impression and two smaller windows for displaying your favorite photos.

Included in each impression kit is a white frame with the versatile 3 aperture mount.

Additionally, you’ll find 250g of air drying clay that is effortless to mold, ensuring a smooth and accurate paw impression.

We have also provided a wooden roller for your convenience, ensuring an even and flawless result. To secure your masterpiece, a tube of super glue is included.

Rest assured, the clay paw print kit offers plenty of clay to create 2-3 impressions of an average paw size. Detailed instructions accompany each kit, guiding you through the process and guaranteeing a perfect paw print keepsake.

Capture the essence of those special moments with your furry friend and elegantly display them in your own home. Order our framed clay paw print kit now and create a priceless memento that will be cherished for years to come.