Pow Air Spray 250ml


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Neutralising odour, instantly and effectively – Bonus is it is pet friendly.

There’s no telling where, when, or what odours will arise in your home, office, car, or locker, or anywhere in between. And if you’ve ever used traditional air fresheners or sprays, you may now be aware that most utilise harmful chemicals that don’t want to be used around your pets or loved ones.

Eliminate those nasty odours safely and permanently with PowAir Spray, a proven, industrial strength, essential oil based odour neutraliser infused with refreshing aromatic scents. This is not a masking agent or air freshener. PowAir is a powerful scientifically formulated blend of natural essential oils, designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of smells, more than any other odour neutraliser. Use it with confidence! PowAir is powerful, fast, natural and safe to use around your family and your pets.

Use anywhere unwanted odours are present. Ideal for eliminating smoke, pet and garbage odours.

The product is supplied in a metal spray bottle, reducing the single use plastics.