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Raw Bargain Bucket Worth over £25


Only 2 left in stock


Save at least 20% on our  limited availabilty Raw Bargain Buckets.

Boxes are all varied and will contain different items. Proteins will vary and so not suitable for those with intolerances to the likes of chicken, beef etc.

Items within the box are either

  • Damaged packaging(some maybe missing items depending on whether the pack could be saved)
  • Just past the BBD
  • Coming to their BBD
  • No longer being stocked
  • Last one in the batch/seasonal etc.

The bargain bucket will contain a mix of

  • Minces
    • 80/10/10
    • Minces with bone
    • Offal
    • Boneless
  • Chunks
    • Bones
    • Boneless
    • Offal
    • Fish