Raw Beef Tripe (Minced)




Made from high quality meats and packaged in eco friendly boxes, we are sure your dog will love Hunters Choice, as much as ours do!

Perfect for the dogs who love a chunkier mince. Beef Tripe typically has less odour than Lamb Tripe.

Please be advised this is not a 80/10/10 mix. Tripe is commonly used as the first starter protein when changing to raw. – Please feel free to contact us for more advise on transitioning to raw food. As Green Tripe keeps the gut healthy and aids with digestion.

There are many benefits of feeding Green Tripe.

Green Tripe is low in fat, but is also a great source of protein. Green Tripe contains calcium which is essential for bone structure, growth, joints and teeth. Green Tripe can also aid in healing wounds, antibody production and muscle recovery.

A complimentary mince of 100% beef tripe.

Typical analysis per 100g

Protein 14 moisture 72 fat 10 crude fibre 1.2 ash 1.4

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