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Tug-E-Nuff – Powerball Bungee Tug Pink 1pk


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Tug-E-Nuff was started by a dog loving family in 2009, with a mission to enhance the way we enrich our dogs.

Enrichment which develops and encourages, the relationship humans and dogs share using the Power of Play. They are known for producing high quality toys for all breeds.

Introducing the PowerBall – the ultimate dog toy that combines the fun of fetching, tugging, and throwing all in one! Created by our team of training and play experts, this toy is exclusively manufactured for us to ensure the highest quality and functionality.

One of the standout features of the PowerBall is its easy-grip grooves and unique dual texture, which provides sensory stimulation for your furry friend. Unlike traditional tennis balls that may contain dangerous glass fibers, the PowerBall is made from non-toxic and non-abrasive materials, ensuring the safety of your pet.

Not only is the PowerBall perfect for throwing and fetching, but it is also tuggable and bounceable, making it an all-around versatile toy. Its weight has been carefully designed to allow for comfortable throwing, while still being durable enough for even the strongest tuggers.

In terms of design, the PowerBall comes in three eye-catching core colors, with a blue outer shell that is easily visible to dogs. Our experts believe it is the world’s most perfect dog ball, and we are confident that your furry companion will agree.

When it comes to the handle, we have taken your comfort and safety into consideration. Made from two strands of shock-absorbing bungee, it reduces the risk of jarring your shoulder or your dog’s neck during play.

Measuring approximately 43cm (17 inches) from handle to ball, the rubber PowerBall itself has a diameter of 5cm (2 inches). This ensures that it is the perfect size for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Please keep in mind that our Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and should always be used under supervision. We take pride in the fact that all our toys are hand-finished in the UK, guaranteeing the highest quality.

So why wait? Treat your furry friend to the ultimate playtime experience with the PowerBall – the toy that truly has it all!