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Tug-E-Nuff – The Clam Pink and Purple


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Tug-E-Nuff was started by a dog loving family in 2009, with a mission to enhance the way we enrich our dogs.

Enrichment which develops and encourages, the relationship humans and dogs share using the Power of Play. They are known for producing high quality toys for all breeds.

The Clam is a highly recommended treat dispensing toy for dogs who are motivated by food. It is a great tool for pet owners struggling with their dog’s recall, in need of mental stimulation for their pup, or looking for a way to provide a rewarding playtime experience.

This dog treat ball is designed to be small enough to keep hidden, so it can be whipped out for a timely reward. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of activities such as throwing, hiding, finding, fetching, and tugging. The Clam is perfect for food-driven dogs and playful hounds, as it is confidence-building and boredom-busting in one hit.

The toy features a sturdy fastening that allows the difficulty level to be increased gradually as your dog grows in confidence. It also keeps treats safely nestled inside, preventing them from falling out when the toy is thrown.

The Clam comes in approximately 11cm (4.5 inches) in diameter and is available in three color combinations that are easy for dogs to see. It is machine washable for easy cleaning.

For pet owners looking to maximize their training results, The Clam comes with a Training Guide that can be downloaded for free. Additionally, the toy is covered by a 45-day Tug It + Love It guarantee.

It’s important to note that Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and should only be used with supervision. The ultimate reward for dogs is the time spent playing with their owners.

Overall, The Clam is a versatile and effective treat dispensing toy that can be used for training, playtime, and mental stimulation. It’s a great way to reward and entertain your dog both near and far.