Raw FAQ During Transition

Here are some of the FAQ’s to help you have an easier transition.

I’m worried my dog isn’t drinking as much?

This is normal, raw food contains lots of moisture (around 60-70%), which will naturally help to keep your dog hydrated.  Kibble will absorb a lot of water meaning your dog needs to drink more. You should always make sure fresh drinking water is available for your dogs. 

My dog has only been to the toilet a couple of times since switching to raw?

This is absolutely normal.  A dog’s poo indicates what has been digested and absorbed by the dog. Your dog will be using more of the raw food and therefore there is less waste. Poo should be smaller, drier and a more solid stool that is much easier to pick up. – Yay!

Why is my dog’s poo white and crumbly?

Poo indicates a lot about a dogs diet, white poo means that your dog has consumed too much bone. In order to rectify, we suggest that you feed boneless meals until the poo returns to normal. If you continue you feed bone then be aware, this may lead to your dog being constipated. We have a variety of minces or chunks without bone

Some suggest to dilute with offal but this is incorrect and will alter the balance. Offal is very rich and can cause the opposite to happen, this can end up being painful for your dogs, and also messy for you.  Boneless will work just fine 🙂

Most dogs require 10% of their food intake to be made of bone. Whilst this is the correct ratio for lots of dogs, there are some dogs who require less/more than 10% bone. If your dog requires less bone then, simply dilute slightly with boneless mince or chunks.

My dog looks hungry all the time.

A BARF diet is made from high protein – low carbohydrate food, and is not full of the bulking agents which are found in kibble. Therefore raw will naturally feel less filling.

Your dogs stomach will need to adapt to to digest the protein instead of carbs, another reason we advise tripe to start with.

Your dog will soon adjust and will be more satisfied after a few days of adjustment.

Double check that you aren’t feeding too little for your dogs weight and age. Monitor your dogs weight as our guide is just that a guide, each dogs requirements will differ. 

We understand that changing to a raw diet will make your dog want to lick its bowl more, who wouldn’t when eating a natural diet, full of fresh yummy meats. 

My dog has been sick during the night.

If a yellow/green colour then this will be bile. This is due to your dog being hungry. Simple way to stop this will be to give a treat or a small meal before bed.

Whilst your dog may be hungry, the food given before bed, may count as unused calories and therefore best to feed something light and/or subtract from the daily allowance.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, then please contact us for more assistance.