When people mention DIY, you think of it being time consuming and complicated.

Keeping all information together to help you have an easier rewarding journey.


Just like feeding “ready made meals” you need to aim for a diet of 80% Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Offal (5% Liver and 5% another secreting organ). This does not have to balanced all on the same day/ every meal; but should be balanced during the week. However you wouldn’t want to feed all the bone on a Monday and then offal and boneless for the rest of the week, this will cause inconsistent poo, and your dog will become constipated/have an upset tum.

For example we feed majority of bone and offal with a little boneless at breakfast and then feed the remaining boneless at dinner time.

This information should help you to build your meals and understand what needs to go into your dogs food.

Fish and Eggs should be fed a couple of times per week too.


Muscle Meat - To be fed at 80% of the daily allowance

Within your DIY diet you need to feed 80% made up of the below. All Boneless items can be found here 


 Normally available whole, so will require you to cut into smaller chunks within the daily allowance.


Smaller chunks which can be fed. (very little prep needed when feeding)


Best to feed whole or cut down the middle to avoid choking (Trachea is cartilage, however some dogs may digest this as a bone, so best to poo watch). We feed this at least weekly, with high levels of  natural chondroitin and glucosamine, helping to maintain joints, whilst providing a nice natural teeth cleaner.

Meaty Boneless Chunks

TDB come in nice chunky slabs, with their motto being you can always cut smaller but not bigger. MVM chunks are smaller and come in cubes.


A nice tougher piece of meat. Ideal to feed to dogs who may struggle with whole bones, but need a chewy meal to aid teeth cleaning. Feed whole or cut smaller to your dogs feeding requirements.


A sponge like consistency. Lung can be quite rich for some dogs, so best to be fed in moderation up to 20% of the muscle meat allowance.

Heart (Mince or Chunks)

Heart is classed as a muscle meat not offal when raw feeding. Like Lung, Heart can be quite rich and therefore should be fed up to 20% of muscle meat. Ox TDB Heart are large chunks, Pork and Lamb are slightly smaller, but may still require being cut smaller. Chicken and Duck are small manageable pieces and require little prep (in most cases)

Green Tripe

Normally Lamb or Ox, although tripe contains lots of nutrients for your dog, tripe should be fed at up to 30% of the diet. Tripe is also classed as a different protein to the beef/lamb meat.

Boneless Minces

A good option for those who would rather not cut up meat, and are available in lots of different mixes too. Perfect to be added into Kong’s or Lickimats for enrichment as part of the daily feeding routine.


Bone - to be fed at 10% of the daily allowance

Bones can be fed in a couple of ways. Either whole prey, whole bone or mince form.

Some of the popular bones and their bone content are below:-


Duck, Rabbit, Chicken 75% Bone


Duck 50% Bone, Chicken 75% Bone, Lamb 32% Bone.


Lamb Blade 24% Bone, Lamb Whole 21% Bone, Pork 20% Bone, Veal 24% Bone.


Chicken and Duck 60% Bone.

Ribs and Spine

Lamb 45% Bone, Pork 30% Bone, Veal 35% Bone.


Chicken 45% Bone, Turkey 35% Bone, Duck 40% Bone.


Chicken 15% Bone, Turkey 21% Bone.


Duck and Chicken 60% Bone


Pork 30% Bone

Whole Prey 

Rabbit with Fur – 15% Bone

Rabbit Skinned – 28% Bone

Quail – 10% Bone

Pigeon – 23% Bone

Goose – 19% Bone

Remember when feeding whole bones to feed in the morning, to give enough time for your dog to digest throughout the day. You will also need to feed a boneless meal either side, see guide below. 

Offal - to be fed at 10% of the daily allowance

When feeding offal it is important to feed 5% of liver. Liver is full of vitamins  and therefore important whilst feeding a balanced diet.

The other 5% of the offal allowance should be made up of one of the following






TDB also do a offal mix, which is already balanced ready to be added to the meal. Due to the amount of offal being fed, normally being a low amount, some of our customers find it easier to portion into silicone trays and freeze, then you can simply pop one out every day/meal (depending on how you choose to feed). We use chunks and so freeze into a daily portion for each dog when prepping, we feed in the morning with bone and then know that Barney and Dexter have the required offal per day.

DIY feeding guide example

If you are looking to feed a mixture of DIY and 80/10/10 mixes then the below is an example feeding guide. 

Two meals per day

Monday AM: complete

Monday PM: boneless

Tuesday AM: whole bone and offal

Tuesday PM: boneless only

Wednesday AM: complete

Wednesday PM: complete

Three meals per day 

Monday AM: complete

Monday lunch: complete

Monday PM: complete

Tuesday AM: boneless only

Tuesday lunch: whole bone and offal

Tuesday PM: boneless only

Wednesday AM: complete

Wednesday lunch: complete

Wednesday PM: complete

Feed a variety of low and high fat proteins, did you know dogs use fat for around 20% of their energy?