Raw Feeding Myths Busted

Raw feeding will give my dogs worms.

We only supply DEFRA approved suppliers, who use human grade meats. There is no reason why your dog should contract worms from feeding a raw diet. If your dog does contract worms then this could have been picked up from a number of areas where worm eggs can be present, such as dormant water, animal poo or where other dogs with worms have been. We recommend to regularly test for worms rather then treating something that isn’t there. Unfortunately you cannot prevent worms, however testing for worms will enable you to treat the worms present, rather than using unrequired chemicals, to treat something that isn’t there. After all we wouldn’t take paracetamol in case we were to get a pain.

Raw food is also blast frozen and remains frozen until it is served, to ensure that all parasites such as Neospora are killed.

Raw feeding will make my dog aggressive and blood thirsty

This is false. If anything since feeding Barney and Dexter a raw diet they are more content and do not argue over food. Raw feeding also improves temperaments due to a balanced diet. – Just think if you were to eat take away everyday, you may feel a little snappy, but with a nice balanced meal every day you would feel much better.

Raw diets are not balanced

Raw food is bought as a “ready meal” are balanced to an 80/10/10 ratio. When you DIY, we recommend that this is the ratios you aim to achieve.

This balanced ensures that your dog will get all the required nutrients needed.

Raw diets are expensive

Raw feeding is no more, than feeding a quality kibble. Just with less fillers, pure fresh goodness.

There are also many benefits to consider such as less vet visits, which we know can be costly!